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Back-to-school health tips

Follow these back-to-school health tips to help prepare for a successful new school year.

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Later middle school start times may benefit teens

New research shows later middle school start times help children gain a competitive edge in the classroom and on the sports field, and become more engaged with family, friends, and peers.

baby sleeping with teddy bear

Q&A: How can I get my baby to sleep on her own?

Our baby typically wakes up twice in the night and we’ve always had my wife breastfeed her to get her back to sleep. We want to get her to start putting herself to sleep and getting her to sleep through the night.

Little girl sleeping soundly.

How to avoid negative effects of irregular bedtimes

Irregular bedtimes can disrupt a child’s circadian rhythms, the internal biological clocks that help determine sleep patterns.

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How oversleeping and lack of sleep affect your child’s mood

It is essential that parents observe and monitor their child’s sleeping schedule to ensure they are not suffering from lack of sleep.