scared girl in bed

Help our 4-year-old overcome stranger anxiety

Our job as parents is striking the delicate balance of teaching our children to be afraid of things that can actually harm them while not instilling too much fear and anxiety.

baby sleeping

What is a normal sleep schedule for a baby?

Sleep expert Dr. Daniel Lewin answers a reader’s question about whether their 6-month-old baby’s sleep schedule is normal.

angry boy hitting mom

Help for a 2-year-old with autism

Children with developmental disabilities such as autism tend to be more easily overwhelmed and upset than typically developing children.

girl feeding baby brother

How can we help our child adjust to a new sibling?

The main goal in helping a child adjust to the birth of a new sibling is making sure that they know that they are not losing you as a parent.

Crying toddler with older brother and mother

My toddler is often violent with his siblings

There are many simple behavioral strategies and techniques that can effectively curb violent toddler behaviors in a relatively short period of time.