girl screaming in grocery store

How do I get a 7-year-old child to stop screaming when she doesn’t get her way?

To get a child to stop screaming when she doesn’t get her way, you need to be consistent, otherwise she’s likely to keep screaming.

little boy peeking out from behind curtain

My toddler loves to touch himself. How do I handle this?

If your toddler starts to touch himself, ignore the behavior, but direct him towards something fun you can do together.

father and son talking

How can I help my toddler with an upcoming transition?

Most toddlers will benefit from having information about an upcoming transition ahead of time so that they can “cope ahead.”

mother talking to daughter

Dealing with a toddler who talks back

Often when a toddler talks back, they are testing limits, which is a common and developmentally appropriate behavioral challenge for this age.

wide awake baby with sleeping mother

How do I get my night owl baby on a regular sleep routine?

The first step toward healthy sleep for your baby is to gradually decrease and eliminate all feeding during the night.