little girl screaming

My almost 5-year-old is acting out. Help!

It is tough when kids act in ways that we don’t understand, especially when it involves challenging behaviors, like yelling and whining.

boy asleep in car seat

Leaving a young child alone in a car during coronavirus pandemic

While leaving your child in the car alone might seem like an option during these challenging times, it is not worth the risk.

mother talking to daughter

How do we tell young children school is closed for the year?

When telling children school is closed, it’s important to be honest and use clear, simple communication with the facts.

baby dressed as a watermelon

Can my 15-month-old eat pineapple?

Yes, your 15-month-old should be able to eat pineapple without issues. The key is cutting the pineapple into small pieces in case they were to swallow it whole.

boy with grandma and mom

My 4-year-old son misbehaves when mom and mother-in-law are talking. What can we do?

Rest assured, this is not unusual and can be fixed with some patience and consistency.