child in wheelchair getting into car

Keeping your child with special needs safe while driving

Whether they’re using a conventional car seat or a wheelchair, here are some tips for keeping your child with special needs safe while driving.

kids getting on a school bus

Helping your child with autism prepare to go back to school

For some youth on the autism spectrum, the transition back to school can be stressful and overwhelming. Here’s how to help.

Autistic girl on a swing

Keeping summer safe for children with autism

Here are some resources and strategies families can use to help keep their children with autism safe during the summer.

therapist holding pictures for patient

Finding the right therapy for your child with autism

It can be helpful to know what your child’s therapy options are — especially when they are between evaluations or waiting for an appointment.

paper cutouts of child profile

Early signs of autism

While there is no specific medical test that can diagnose autism, there are early signs to look for in children.