Autistic girl on a swing

Keeping summer safe for children with autism

Here are some resources and strategies families can use to help keep their children with autism safe during the summer.

boy with autism blowing bubbles

Preparing your child with autism for summer break

As you head into the summer break, here are several strategies to help your child with autism keep a predictable routine.

Autism Pride symbol

The intersection of autism and LGBTQ+ identities

While we don’t know why LGBTQ+ identities may be more common among people with autism, we do know that support and acceptance are important.

boy in bed using tablet

Internet safety for autistic youth

While there are many benefits to using the internet, there are also risks, especially for young people with autism spectrum disorder.

Child autism symbol

Celebrating neurodiversity and autism acceptance

April is Autism Acceptance month, and we wanted to highlight a few organizations that celebrate neurodiversity and advocate for autistic rights every day.