boy wandering off

Elopement and wandering in children with autism

Families often focus on how to respond when their child elopes, but the most important and effective steps to take are to prevent a child from eloping in the first place.

mother holding teenaged daughter while floating in a lake

Finding summer fun for children with autism

Looking for summer fun for your child with autism? Here are some things you can do without spending a lot of money.

girl writing in notebook

How to read research like a psychologist: Breaking down the different sections of an article

In Part 2 of our “How to read research like a psychologist” series, we explain the sections of a research article and which parts are most relevant to you.

photos of babies showing different developmental stages

Why monitoring your child’s development is so important

Developmental monitoring is tracking when or whether a child reaches the milestones that are expected by his or her age.

child playing with blue slime

Coping activities for non-speaking children

There are many coping activities to help calm non-speaking children, such as playing with things that are fun and soothing.