clean plate

Healthy eating: why it’s time to stop cleaning your plate

Health experts agree that enforcing a “clean your plate” rule — regardless of a child’s age — isn’t always good for healthy eating.

baby getting vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 6 months and older: FAQs

Even if children have already had COVID-19, they should still receive the vaccine once they have recovered from the illness.

girl putting coins into glass jars

What’s the right allowance for your child?

Think about the lessons you want your child to learn and pick an allowance structure that supports that.

girl using asthma inhaler

Asthma flare-ups: what you need to know

Asthma flare-ups occur when the airways tighten in reaction to triggers such as pollen, dust, smoke or exercise.

mother with two kids talking on phone

How to avoid distracted parenting

In her blog post, Children’s National Hospital psychologist Eleanor Mackey, PhD, gives parents tips on how to avoid distracted parenting.