girl holding pride flag

Listening to LGBTQ+ youth and what they value

A study from Children’s National sought to discern what LGBTQ+ youth value as a way of examining how to curb suicide risk.

child drawing chalk rainbow

Understanding sexual orientation and gender identity

A child’s gender identity may change as they become pre-teens and teens with influence from their social environment and through self-reflection.

young people wearing sweaters with their gender pronouns

The ABCs of LGBTQ terminology

Here’s a quick review of LGBTQ terminology as well as an explanation of pronoun use when referring to gender identity.

Autism Pride symbol

The intersection of autism and LGBTQ+ identities

While we don’t know why LGBTQ+ identities may be more common among people with autism, we do know that support and acceptance are important.

Family sitting at a table in a library.

Easing your kids into a routine

Easing your kids into a routine is no easy task, but here are a few things to keep in mind.