Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving meals for diabetic children

Children with diabetes have enough trouble managing their sugar intake, and with Thanksgiving favorites like stuffing and mashed potatoes, the hidden sugars in carbohydrates are easy to overlook.

child and dog on bed in halloween costumes

Halloween tips for first-timers and veterans

Psychologist Eleanor Mackey goes over Halloween preparation, from choosing an age-appropriate costume to trick-or-treating safety.

Bananas with chocolate chip faces beside a small pumpkin

Healthy Halloween treats for little ghosts and goblins

There are several ways you can make Halloween a healthier time of the year for your children.

Baby girl eating raw food

Q&A: How can I feed my baby solid foods without risking choking?

Dr. Lauren Rechtman explains that when you feed a baby solid foods, you should break them up into small pieces and stick with soft foods.

boy eating sandwich at school with other kids

How to pack your kids a healthy and tasty school lunch

Packing a healthy and tasty school lunch can seem like a daunting task. Try using the MyPlate method, developed by USDA.