baby dressed as a watermelon

Can my 15-month-old eat pineapple?

Yes, your 15-month-old should be able to eat pineapple without issues. The key is cutting the pineapple into small pieces in case they were to swallow it whole.

happy kid eating broccoli

Good foods create good moods

Ever wonder why you may feel different after eating different foods? Our bodies and minds are closely linked, and good foods create good moods.

cleaning products on kitchen counter

Gluten-free cleaning products

When buying gluten-free cleaning products, be on the lookout for tocopherols and other ingredients derived from wheat, oats and barley.

nutritious foods

Four ways to sneak nutrition into any meal

You can sneak nutrition into meals by replacing junk food with more healthy versions of snacks and finding low fat, high fiber alternatives.

Healthy food on a heart shape cutting board

What is Cholesterol?

What is cholesterol and how much of it are kids allowed to have? Children’s National Hospital dietitian Angela Boadu, RD, LDN/LD, answers this question.