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Talking to children about a positive COVID-19 test result

Talking to children about a positive COVID-19 test result can be hard, but it’s important to share the test results with your child, regardless of their age.

child getting covid test

I think my child needs a COVID test — where should we go?

If your child is asymptomatic or has or very mild symptoms, we recommend getting a COVID test at a community-based site rather than a pediatricians’ office or a hospital.

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COVID-19 vs. RSV vs. flu: How to tell the difference

COVID-19, the flu and respiratory viruses such as RSV have similar symptoms. But there are a few differences that can help you determine why your child is sick.

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The COVID-19 delta variant and kids

While the number of COVID-19 infections in children is increasing, there is currently no definitive evidence that the delta variant is more dangerous for kids.

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What is long-haul COVID?

Long-haul COVID, or long COVID, refers to a group of long-term symptoms people may experience after recovering from COVID infection.