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Q&A: How do I get my child to play with their older friends?

Psychologist Eleanor Mackey answers a reader’s question about helping her daughter play with her friends.

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When your child’s friend has cancer

Young children, who may be struggling just to understand their friend’s illness, may not know how best to support their friend and will need your guidance.

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Helping your teen navigate their emotional landscape

You can help your teen learn the skills to get through sticky situations, and come through as a healthy young adult with few bumps in the road.

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Five ways to prepare your child for their first sleepover

In her latest post, psychologist Eleanor Mackey, Ph.D., discusses how to decide when your child is ready for a sleepover.

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Navigating kids’ friendships

Friendships are critical for development, but sometimes it can be hard as a parent to help your child navigate their friendships.