prescription pill bottles

How to read a prescription medication label

It’s important to follow the instructions when giving your child prescription medication. Here’s how to read the label on the bottle.

father and son playing catch

How to get your kids ready for spring sports

To get your kids ready for spring sports, they need to start conditioning during the off season to reduce their risk of injury.

child playing with blue slime

Coping activities for non-speaking children

There are many coping activities to help calm non-speaking children, such as playing with things that are fun and soothing.

illustration of boy sleepwalking

What you need to know about sleepwalking in children

Sleepwalking behaviors can range from harmless, like sitting up, to potentially dangerous, such as wandering outside.

girl sleeping

Snoring in children

Snoring is a common problem that happens to children of all ages. This noisy breathing is caused by the vibration of tissues near the airway in the back of the throat.