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Bullying: A serious threat to children’s health

This guide educates parents about the dangers of bullying and offers steps to prevent it and support their children.

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Supportive parenting that helps LGBTQ+ youth thrive

You can’t control society, but you can control how you support your LGBTQ+ child, and this has profound impacts.

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Talking to your teen about suicide

Here is a guide on risk and protective factors, how to talk about suicide with your child and what to do if they are having suicidal thoughts.

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Doom and Gloom: COVID-19 fears and January

January tends to be a time when many people feel gloomy. This year, there’s a persisting unwanted and all too familiar stressor: COVID-19.

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Helping your child support a friend with mental health challenges

Here are some tips for helping your child support a friend with mental health challenges and knowing when to bring in outside help.