boy lying on couch using tablet

Screen use and headaches in children: 6 strategies to help

Here are some strategies to help caregivers address headaches and related symptoms associated with screen use.

teen in bedroom

Why teens need time outside their bedrooms

While teens’ bedrooms may be their safe havens, it’s crucial to encourage them to venture out and engage in activities.

girl putting money into piggy bank

Teaching children to appreciate delayed gratification

While many children have difficulty employing delayed gratification, it is possible for them to learn to control their impulses to achieve a future goal.

mother holding teenaged daughter while floating in a lake

Finding summer fun for children with autism

Looking for summer fun for your child with autism? Here are some things you can do without spending a lot of money.

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How to read research like a psychologist: Breaking down the different sections of an article

In Part 2 of our “How to read research like a psychologist” series, we explain the sections of a research article and which parts are most relevant to you.