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Six tips for setting up a summer routine

It’s important to set up routines and structure in order to maintain happiness and keep your kids healthy during summer vacation.

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Q&A: Is it safe for my kids to eat a ketogenic diet?

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Q&A: How can I avoid toddler tantrums on a long flight?

There are a few things you can do to avoid toddler tantrums on flights. One is to try to prevent as much as possible, and the other is handling your own response in the moment should a tantrum occur.

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Q&A: My teen constantly lies to me. What do I do?

How to navigate a tough situation in which many parents find themselves.

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Q&A: Is a tattoo parlor safer than a mall kiosk for ear piercing?

Dr. Yasmine Kirkorian answers a reader’s question about whether ear piercing is safer at a tattoo parlor or a mall kiosk.