little girl who just got vaccinated

It’s time to make your child’s COVID-19 vaccine plan

We suggest contacting your child’s pediatrician or a local pharmacy to see if they can administer the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to your child.

child getting covid test

I think my child needs a COVID test — where should we go?

If your child is asymptomatic or has or very mild symptoms, we recommend getting a COVID test at a community-based site rather than a pediatricians’ office or a hospital.

little boy getting flu shot

Everything you need to know about flu shots this year

Getting a flu shot might not be at the top of your mind these days, but with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, flu shots are more important than ever.

cartoon of gut fighting viruses

How nutrition can build an army to protect us against COVID-19

Eating lots of colorful, fiber-rich veggies can help cultivate a healthy microbiome that will aid our bodies in the fight against COVID-19.

father checking son's temperature

COVID-19 vs. RSV vs. flu: How to tell the difference

COVID-19, the flu and respiratory viruses such as RSV have similar symptoms. But there are a few differences that can help you determine why your child is sick.