baby eating vegetables

Is baby-led weaning a safe way to feed your infant?

Baby-led weaning is a term that describes a way to introduce solid foods to babies, and it skips the puree or mushy-food phase.

Boy flexing his muscles

Kids need more than calcium to keep bones healthy

Weight-bearing activities — like running and jumping — are the most important types of exercises for building healthy bones in kids.

healthy lunch foods

How to pack nutrition into kids’ meals

Here’s how to pack nutrition into kids’ meals and avoid fighting over food with children.

junk food

Reducing salt in children’s diets

Children’s diets should not exceed 2,300 milligrams of sodium a day, so parents need to be extra careful about reading labels and choosing the lowest sodium options.

little girl drinking milk

Is your child drinking too much milk?

Too much milk can lead to health problems such as iron deficiency anemia and protein loss from the gut.