illustration of applesauce pouch

What you need to know about recent findings of lead in applesauce

Recent investigations have revealed trace amounts of lead in certain apple puree and applesauce products.

photograph of different ketogenic foods

Using ketogenic diets to manage seizures

For children with drug-resistant epilepsy, traditional treatments may not work well. In these cases, a ketogenic diet may help manage seizures.

Parenting with ADHD: Caring for your child while caring for yourself

Research shows that ADHD is highly heritable, meaning it is very common for parents of children with ADHD to also struggle with ADHD themselves.

boy getting vaccinated

What you need to know about flu, COVID-19 and RSV vaccines for kids this fall

Vaccines are scientifically proven to be among the safest and most effective ways of protecting babies and children from diseases.

vitamins and supplements

Can vitamins help ward off illness?

For healthy children with a balanced diet, there’s no clear evidence that extra vitamin supplements can prevent colds and flus.