Little girl using tablet computer/tablet with teddy bears in fort

Four things to do while waiting to receive mental health therapy services

Are you on a waiting list to receive mental health therapy services for your child? Here are four ways to support your child while you wait.

house destroyed by earthquake

Helping children with the psychological and emotional aftermath of an earthquake

After an earthquake, there are normal responses which children, like adults, will have to the trauma that they have experienced.

girl and boy relaxing on couch

Mindful Mentors: short exercises to decrease stress

Feeling stressed or anxious? Try one of these short exercises to decrease stress and recharge!

family sending daughter off to college

Mental health tips for college students

Many college students don’t think about what tools they need to support their mental health as they prepare to move to campus.

Schoolboy crying on the street

Talking to kids about school shootings

Talking to your kids about school shootings can be hard, but it’s important to be open to discussion about tragic events.