mom comforting daughter

Helping kids manage stress and anxiety

The activities below can help your child learn ways manage their stress and anxiety and understand that it is okay to feel worried, frustrated or sad.

dad talking to teen son

Checking in with my kids: A parent’s guide

Stress that builds up over time can start to get in the way of how your child is doing day to day.

Little girl in school wearing a mask

Helping kids deal with back to school anxiety

Follow these strategies to help ease back to school anxiety and the transition from being at home to having more structured schooling.

African American family meditating

Mindfulness for kids and teens

Mindfulness is all about living fully in the present moment, without judgment, and with an attitude of kindness and curiosity.

Mother and daughter laughing in kitchen

Promoting physical and emotional wellness with your child at home

Here are four practices you can incorporate into your child’s daily routine to promote good physical and emotional health.