boy screaming in pain

Did you know psychologists can help with chronic pain?

Pain is an experience that touches every aspect of life. A psychologist can help decrease the interruption chronic pain can have on life.

illustrations of types of physical therapy

Physical therapy: an underrated hero in the treatment of chronic pain!

If your child has chronic pain, physical therapy can help get your child moving again which can help improve sleep and mood.

boy doing physical therapy

All pain is the same, right? Wrong!

Acute pain is caused by tissue damage while chronic pain is when the pain signaling itself is altered.

Hypermobile person bending thumb

What is hypermobility?

Hypermobility or being “double jointed” refers to joints that move beyond the normal range of motion. It is very common in children.

teen girl talking to doctor

Pediatric Pain Medicine Clinic — It’s not what you think!

Dr. Elisha Peterson addresses some common misconceptions about pain medicine and explains what actually happens in pain medicine clinics.