little girl screaming

My almost 5-year-old is acting out. Help!

It is tough when kids act in ways that we don’t understand, especially when it involves challenging behaviors, like yelling and whining.

illustration of pregnant woman with mask

Pregnancy and the COVID-19 pandemic

We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions which cover concerns about getting pregnant or being pregnant during COVID-19, as well as how the virus may affect infants.

woman drinkig tea on sofa

Parents: Take care of yourselves!

Self-care – whether it’s baking, taking a bath, going for a bike ride or reading a book – can help you recharge your batteries and get back that much needed parenting energy.

father and daughter laughing

The Power of Laughter: How to show your playful side at home

How often do you show your playful side at home? This episode of “The Parent Pep Talk” is about the power of laughter and joy.

boy washing hands

Be a handwashing hero

Help your kids learn how to be handwashing heroes by showing them this video.