Little girl rubbing her eye

Does my child have pink eye?

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, symptoms can vary but typically include redness or swelling of the white of the eye.

illustration of a boy blowing his nose

Snot colors and what they mean

Because mucus is the first line of defense against infections, snot can take on different colors depending on what’s going on in your body.

Mother checking on sick daughter laying in bed

Fevers in children

Wondering what to do about your child’s fever? In this video, My Pocket Pediatrician Dr. Lili Moran talks about fevers, how to treat them and when to seek medical care.

kid in bed with headache

How to treat your child’s headaches

Headaches can usually be treated at home with rest, quiet, plenty of fluids and over-the-counter pain relievers.

little girl wiping her nose

Debunking old wives’ tales: part two

Does the flu shot give you the flu? Can colds cause ear infections? Dr. Ivor Horn gets to the bottom of some common misconceptions in part two of debunking old wives’ tales on colds.