Parenting with ADHD: Caring for your child while caring for yourself

Research shows that ADHD is highly heritable, meaning it is very common for parents of children with ADHD to also struggle with ADHD themselves.

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What you need to know about ADHD medications

Children’s National psychopharmacologist Adelaide Robb, MD, answers some questions caregivers have about ADHD medications.

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How do I deal with my 7-year-old brother who is hyperactive?

Sibling bonds are important and spending time with siblings can be fun! At the same time, it can be upsetting when siblings are loud, have too much energy or touch our belongings without asking.

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Treating children with ADHD

Pediatric neuropsychiatrist Jay Salpekar, MD, recommends a combination of therapy, education, behavior modification and medicine for treating children with ADHD.

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Q&A: What is the first thing a parent should do when her child is diagnosed with ADHD?

Dr. Lisa Efron answers a reader’s question about what to do when your child is diagnosed with ADHD.