girl looking at smartphone on bed

Smartphones: How to Set Limits and Bring Peace to Your Home

This episode of “The Parent Pep Talk,” podcast covers the basics of smartphones and kids, from how to introduce your children to a smartphone to what to do if screen time is getting out of control.

boy being bullied at school

Bullying and adolescent suicide

Bullied teens are twice as likely to consider suicide and nearly two-and-a-half times as likely to actually attempt suicide.

back-to-school written on a chalkboard

5 back-to-school tips from a pediatrician to parents

Linda Fu, M.D., gives advice on helping your kids transition into the new school year.

girl holding smartphone and using social media

Social media tips for parents

We’ve put together some social media tips for parents to help you and your kids navigate the online world.

two boys looking at a computer screen

How to manage your child’s screen time

Pediatrician Linda Fu provides information on the effects of children staring at screens for too long.