boy lying on couch using tablet

Screen use and headaches in children: 6 strategies to help

Here are some strategies to help caregivers address headaches and related symptoms associated with screen use.

boy playing video games

Screen addiction: How much is too much?

Because of the different ways children use screens, there is no set number of hours that qualifies as a screen addiction.

group of kids texting

Text bubble bullies: the latest in cyberbullying

Recently, there has been an uptick in cyberbullying based on which smartphone kids use and whether they have iMessage or SMS capabilities.

girl looking at smartphone on bed

Smartphones: How to Set Limits and Bring Peace to Your Home

This episode of “The Parent Pep Talk,” podcast covers the basics of smartphones and kids, from how to introduce your children to a smartphone to what to do if screen time is getting out of control.

boy being bullied at school

Bullying and adolescent suicide

Bullied teens are twice as likely to consider suicide and nearly two-and-a-half times as likely to actually attempt suicide.