Raynaud's syndrome in children

Raynaud’s syndrome in children

Raynaud’s syndrome is a condition that causes blood vessels going to certain parts of the body to over-react to cold or stress.

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How to read research like a psychologist: Noticing red flags in articles

The goal of this article is to help you break down the best ways to find research, read and evaluate it and extract relevant information.

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Everything you need to know about donating blood

A standard blood donation provides one pint of blood. This one pint of blood can be used for four to five children.

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Cardiac arrest in young athletes

Typically, cardiac arrest in young athletes is caused by an underlying heart condition or, very rarely, a blow to the chest.

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Helping your child with autism navigate holiday changes

Changes that come with the holiday season can be difficult for children with autism. Here are some tips to help navigate this time of year.