Family celebrating New Years

Making family New Year’s resolutions

A great way to bring your family closer in the coming year is to make family New Year’s resolutions.

family gathering for the holidays

Self-compassion for autistic people and their families during the holiday season

Here are some strategies for autistic people and families to practice self-compassion and find ways to celebrate things as they are.

Box Full of Toys and Stuffed Animals

A guide to safe versus unsafe gifts for kids

And, as the holiday shopping season gets underway, parents should take steps to find safe and fun gifts for their kids.

Family sitting down for Ramadan meal

Children and Ramadan fasting

Parents should assess their children’s ability to fast based on their health, activity level, tolerance to hunger and eating frequency.

illustration of parents kissing a baby

Please don’t touch my child: Setting boundaries to prevent the spread of illness

Here’s how to ensure well-meaning family and friends respect your children’s personal space to prevent the spread of illness.