Pregnant woman holding her belly

What you need to know about premature birth

Even if a pregnant woman follows all of the medical recommendations, she still can have a premature birth.

teething toddler

Soothing a teething toddler

The most important thing is to remember that the pain and discomfort are only temporary!

New Mom Holds Her Infant to Her Chest

Breastfeeding advice for today’s moms

Dr. Sahira Long gives tips on how to get ready to breastfeed your new baby.

Toddler girl looking through magnifier

Why do toddlers ask why?

Young children are constantly asking “why?” and while it’s great that they are curious about the world, it can be very exhausting for parents to field the hundreds of “why” questions they get in a day.

Couple on the couch with their baby.

Five things to know about talking to your baby

There is a simple, painless trick to making sure your baby’s brain is growing big and strong: talking to your baby!