mom helping girls with schoolwork

Tips for homeschooling during the coronavirus outbreak

How do we homeschool while working and maintaining our own sanity? Here are a few ways to ease the pain and help keep your kids engaged and learning.

boy holding head in hands

Education: How seeing beyond the grades is better for your child and for you

In the latest episode of “The Parent Pep Talk” podcast, veteran teacher and parent Jacki Bragg explains what she sees as the true value of school, how involved parents should be and just how important grades are.

frustrated boy doing his homework

How to help your child with school problems

Differences in learning can sometimes be associated with school problems and should be attended to and addressed.

Student Holding Exam Result With F Grade

How to handle a bad report card

Eleanor Mackey, PhD, gives parents advice on how to deal with a bad report card and other bad news.

Family sitting at a table in a library.

Easing your kids into a routine

Easing your kids into a routine is no easy task, but here are a few things to keep in mind.