Young boy jumping in mid-air

How do I deal with my 7-year-old brother who is hyperactive?

Sibling bonds are important and spending time with siblings can be fun! At the same time, it can be upsetting when siblings are loud, have too much energy or touch our belongings without asking.

brother and sister eating

What if only one child is overweight?

When only one child is overweight, they key is to emphasize healthy eating and appropriate portion sizes.

brother and sister having a pillow fight

How to handle sibling rivalry

Regardless of the cause, remember that this is normal behavior and it will pass!

little girl holding newborn baby

Preparing your child for a new sibling

Start talking to your kids about the new arrival when you would feel comfortable sharing with others.

Brother and sister fighting over presents

Preventing and managing gift jealousy among siblings

Children’s National psychologist Eleanor Mackey, PhD, explains gift jealousy and offers tips for parents on preventing and managing gift jealousy among siblings.