illustration of boy sleepwalking

What you need to know about sleepwalking in children

Sleepwalking behaviors can range from harmless, like sitting up, to potentially dangerous, such as wandering outside.

girl sleeping

Snoring in children

Snoring is a common problem that happens to children of all ages. This noisy breathing is caused by the vibration of tissues near the airway in the back of the throat.

girl talking to therapist

What is pediatric hypnosis?

Pediatric hypnosis helps kids use focused attention and imagination to train their brain, create new pathways and learn new skills.

wide awake baby with sleeping mother

How do I get my night owl baby on a regular sleep routine?

The first step toward healthy sleep for your baby is to gradually decrease and eliminate all feeding during the night.

little girl in crib

Help! My toddler refuses to sleep but she clearly needs a nap

Sleep expert Dr. Daniel Lewin provides advice to a reader whose toddler refuses to nap at naptime since she stopped breastfeeding.