medications in the drugstore

How to read an over-the-counter medication label

Whether it is a stick of lip balm or a bottle of DayQuil, certain information must appear on the medication label.

prescription pill bottles

How to read a prescription medication label

It’s important to follow the instructions when giving your child prescription medication. Here’s how to read the label on the bottle.

child in bed with head injury

Concussion recovery: rest might not always be best

A new study found that, contrary to widespread belief, extended rest may not always be best for concussion recovery in kids.

group of young athletes huddling

Cardiac arrest in young athletes

Typically, cardiac arrest in young athletes is caused by an underlying heart condition or, very rarely, a blow to the chest.

different sized button batteries

The dangers of button batteries

When swallowed, button batteries pose a high risk for injury and complications, including death, because of the chemical reaction they can cause in the esophagus, or food pipe.