Kids running in a field

Keeping safe from common springtime injuries

The weather is lovely and it’s time to get outdoors. Just be cautious of these common spring injuries.

girl sitting on skateboard with her dog

Teaching kids how to avoid dog bites

Children need to understand that dogs want to protect their family or their owner and, unfortunately, the only way they know how is to bite.

Little skier having fun at sunny snowy day

Wintertime tips for keeping kids safe and injury-free

Despite the risk for injury, physical activity in the wintertime is important for a child’s overall health and the strength of their bones.

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Q&A: Is it safe to give my child Tamiflu?

There’s been a lot of news lately about the dangerous side effects of Tamiflu. Dr. Lee Beers answers a reader’s question about the drug’s safety.

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Q&A: How can I protect my family from the flu?

It’s been a difficult flu season and many children are falling severely ill – even though they’ve gotten the flu shot.