Little skier having fun at sunny snowy day

Winter sports safety tips for kids

Despite the risk for injury, physical activity in the wintertime is important for a child’s overall health and the strength of their bones.

sports equipment

Don’t forget to wash that sports equipment!

There’s an often-overlooked aspect that plays a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of young athletes – washing their sports equipment.

sad basketball player

Battling sports burnout in young athletes

Sports or athlete burnout refers to a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion experienced by athletes.

girl drinking water

How much water does my child need?

The amount of water your child needs to drink each day depends on their age and health conditions.

teen boy at football practice

How to tackle summer football workouts without heat illness

Heat illness happens when the body’s core temperature rises faster than the body can cool itself down and presents in a spectrum of disease and symptoms.