mom and daughter looking at computer monitor

Q&A: How can I limit my child’s screen time if most of it comes from school?

The push in schools to use technology to teach accomplishes both teaching content and teaching the use of technology, which is an important skill. It’s the passive and non-interactive screen time that seems to be less valuable; and too much of that can cause problems.

kid playing with an iPad

Avoiding too much screen time this winter

Parents need to think creatively and be proactive to ensure that their children don’t get too much screen time during the winter months.

cyber-bullied girl looking at cell phone.

Cyberbullying and how to prevent it

Cyberbullying victims have a high chance of being affected by a variety of health and safety hazards including suicidal attempts and sleeping difficulties.

Cute little child on the phone near a concrete wall

At what age should a child get a cell phone?

Deciding when to buy your child a cellphone can be troubling. There is no perfect answer on the exact time frame.

little girl sitting at desk with laptop and notepad.

Shielding kids from internet bullies

Internet bullying, or cyberbullying, among school-aged children is a major concern, here are some tips for keeping internet bullies at bay.