teen couple talking

Three things your teen should know about dating violence

Teens and parents/caregivers alike should know they are not alone and that there are several resources to help navigate dating violence.

cannabis chocolate lolipops

Candies or cannabis edibles? Keeping children safe this Halloween

Accidental exposure to cannabis edibles can cause intoxication, nausea/vomiting, anxiety, slurred speech, palpitations and drowsiness in children.

rainbow fentanyl

Rainbow fentanyl: The trending drug parents need to know about

Recently, brightly-colored “rainbow” versions of fentanyl pills have been seized by the DEA. Here’s what you need to know.

Teen couple on public transportation

Talking to your teen about healthy relationships

A new boyfriend or girlfriend provides the perfect opportunity to talk to your teen about how they can cultivate safe and healthy relationships.

happy preschool children

The importance of preschool play

Here are some benefits of preschool play and why you should make sure your children are playing with others.