house destroyed by earthquake

Helping children with the psychological and emotional aftermath of an earthquake

After an earthquake, there are normal responses which children, like adults, will have to the trauma that they have experienced.

girl with eating disorder looking in mirror

Supporting an adolescent struggling with an eating disorder

Dr. Anisha Abraham answers common questions parents have about how supporting adolescents with eating disorders.

girl and boy relaxing on couch

Mindful Mentors: short exercises to decrease stress

Feeling stressed or anxious? Try one of these short exercises to decrease stress and recharge!

teen couple talking

Three things your teen should know about dating violence

Teens and parents/caregivers alike should know they are not alone and that there are several resources to help navigate dating violence.

cannabis chocolate lolipops

Candies or cannabis edibles? Keeping children safe this Halloween

Accidental exposure to cannabis edibles can cause intoxication, nausea/vomiting, anxiety, slurred speech, palpitations and drowsiness in children.