mother breastfeeding baby

Breastfeeding and vitamin D deficiency

Breastfeeding babies are at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency because breastmilk alone does not provide infants with enough vitamin D.

girl snacking during online learning

Promoting healthy eating habits while learning at home

Here are some ways you can promote healthy eating and physical activity while your children are learning at home.

sad girl feeling alone

The pandemic and eating disorders

While eating disorders have been relatively common in teens for decades, the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the conditions that sometimes lead to unhealthy eating.

boy at table refusing to eat

Help! My 6-year-old son never eats!

For children who appear to have little appetite, but are otherwise not particularly picky eaters, it is important to set a routine for meal and snack times.

mother spoon feeding baby girl

Myths and facts about heavy metals in baby food

Myth or fact? Drs. Combs and Isbey go over some of the truths you should know about heavy metals in baby food.