baby getting a vaccine

At what ages do kids get vaccinations?

Keeping track of immunizations can be difficult. This chart explains the approximate schedule of recommended vaccines per age group.

little girl eating fruit kabob

Q&A: How can I encourage healthy eating habits in my children?

To help prevent children from developing weight problems, parents should put a lot of thought into how they feed their children starting at a young age.

little boy cleaning his room

How to get your child to clean their room

Keeping one’s room clean is likely one of the main sources of conflict between parents and children of all ages, and is a battle no one wants to fight.

Sick girl on couch with mom

Whooping cough: more common and more dangerous than you think

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about half of babies who get whooping cough have to be hospitalized.

little boy listening to teddy bear's heart with stethoscope

What to expect from a wellness visit

Starting soon after birth, you should have regular wellness visits to make sure your child is developing at the expected pace.