toddler climbing out the window

Preventing window falls

Even a fall from a two-story window can result in serious injury. Here are some ways to prevent window falls.

illustration of cleaning products

Keeping kids safe around cleaning products

Here are three tips to help parents keep kids safe around liquid laundry packets and other cleaning products.

baby with child proof cabinets

6 spots you might have missed while childproofing

This interactive graphic takes you inside a toddler’s home to show some of the issues parents may have missed when childproofing.

people mounting a TV on the wall

Preventing TV tip-over injuries

There’s a simple one-and-done solution to prevent TV tip-over injuries: mount TVs to walls, or make sure TVs are resting on secured furniture.

hand holding plastic bottle

What are phthalates and why are they bad?

Phthalates are chemicals that make plastic flexible. They are bad because they can be harmful to pregnant women and their children.