Spring is here, summer is around the corner and many of us are wiping off the cobwebs on our home exercise equipment to shed those extra winter pounds. This equipment usually includes one of the following: stationary bicycle, treadmill and/or a set of weights. Our top priority is to keep the safety of children in mind when we are not around the exercise equipment. Below are some helpful tips to keep children safe from unintentional injuries when we are not using our home exercise equipment, or we are not watching our child’s every move (PCI, 2021).

To protect your child from harm, the exercise equipment should be in a safe place within the home. Below are six quick steps to take to prevent harm:

  1. Put exercise equipment inside a room and keep the door to the room closed and locked if possible.
  2. If the exercise equipment is in an open room, use a baby fence around the equipment for younger children.
  3. Avoid putting exercise equipment in the basement or anywhere where children often play.
  4. After using the equipment, please unplug the equipment and safely store away the cord where it is out of your child’s sight.
  5. Always cover the equipment.
  6. Weights need to be put away in a closet where children cannot be tempted to touch.

Children are curious, and many hospitalizations happen due to injuries on treadmills and stationary bicycles. For example, little hands can get caught under a moving belt on a treadmill. Stationary bikes can cause finger amputation and scratches/scrapes. Many of these motorized pieces of equipment have resulted in children having concussions or broken bones (Pagano, C., 2021).

Lastly, if you would like for your child to start working out with you, you may want to consider buying them a jump rope and a workout mat and make it a safe family workout session.



Safe Kids Worldwide Safe Kids District of Columbia is a nonprofit organization working to help families and communities keep kids safe from injuries.

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