baby sleeping in car seat

Are coats and covers safe to use in car seats?

We asked Lorrie Walker, Safe Kids Worldwide training manager and technical advisor, about the safety of car seat covers and inserts.

little girl sitting in car

Preventing heatstroke in cars

Leaving a child alone in a car can lead to serious injury or death from heatstroke, even in cooler temperatures.

Teen girl sitting in car being handed the keys.

Teenage driving tips

Parents and their teens need to recognize that with driving comes great responsibilities and great dangers for which many teens are not prepared. 

Street sign that says safety first

Teaching your child pedestrian safety

Here are five tips that can help your children stay safe and prepare for threats that they may encounter as a pedestrians.

Two boys with backpack walking, holding on warm day on the road

Staying safe while walking to school

Twelve pedestrian safety tips for parents and children walking to school.