Little Kids Eating Lunch at School

Making healthy school lunches

There are many opportunities in this new season to be creative and have fun packing healthy school lunches.

sad child in window

Dealing with separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is very treatable and helps your child learn coping skills at an early age.

Sad girl in striped shirt sitting on a curb.

Depression and anxiety in kids: signs and symptoms

Warning signs that your child may be suffering from mental health issues, and what you can do to help.

Boy sitting at table piled with junk food.

Children who eat too much

Children who eat too much love to eat and cannot turn off their hunger, even if they’ve already eaten a full meal.

Smiling teacher kneeling beside elementary school kid desk

Adjusting to a new teacher

Now that kids are back in school and over their initial nerves, other issues may start to arise. In our house, it’s adjusting to a new teacher.