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home gym

Keeping children safe around home exercise equipment

Below are some helpful tips to keep children safe from unintentional injuries when we are not using our home exercise equipment, or we are not watching our child’s every move.

people mounting a TV on the wall

Preventing TV tip-over injuries

There’s a simple one-and-done solution to prevent TV tip-over injuries: mount TVs to walls, or make sure TVs are resting on secured furniture.

snowy road

Winter outdoor and travel safety tips

If you are planning on spending time outside in the cold or traveling in the snow this winter, here are a few winter safety tips.

mom putting bike helmet on son

Bike safety tips for your family

Bike helmets reduce severe head injuries in children by 45% in the event of an unexpected fall or crash.

girl reaching into medicine cabinet

Medication safety tips

Each year, half a million parents call Poison Control because their child got into a medication they shouldn’t have or took more of their medication than prescribed.