powdered infant formula

What you need to know about the latest baby formula recall and shortage

Information about the latest baby formula recall and resulting formula shortage, including tips on how to cope with the shortage.

home gym

Keeping children safe around home exercise equipment

Below are some helpful tips to keep children safe from unintentional injuries when we are not using our home exercise equipment, or we are not watching our child’s every move.

cannabis leaf and gummies

Keeping children safe around cannabis edibles

Dr. Brian Schultz discusses the dangers of children ingesting cannabis edibles and shares tips on how parents can safely store these products.

girl pitching softball

How to prevent common baseball and softball injuries

Although baseball and softball aren’t contact sports, injuries during games — and practice — can still happen.

toddler climbing out the window

Preventing window falls

Even a fall from a two-story window can result in serious injury. Here are some ways to prevent window falls.