Girl with the flu

Q&A: Is it safe to give my child Tamiflu?

There’s been a lot of news lately about the dangerous side effects of Tamiflu. Dr. Lee Beers answers a reader’s question about the drug’s safety.

paint chips on a hardwood floor

Q&A: What are the new recommendations for children with a lead level over 5 µg/dL?

Dr. Olanrewaju Falusi answers a reader’s question about her child’s blood lead levels.

Concerned mother checks her daughter's temperature

Q&A: How can I protect my family from the flu?

It’s been a difficult flu season and many children are falling severely ill – even though they’ve gotten the flu shot.

mom and daughter looking at computer monitor

Q&A: How can I limit my child’s screen time if most of it comes from school?

The push in schools to use technology to teach accomplishes both teaching content and teaching the use of technology, which is an important skill. It’s the passive and non-interactive screen time that seems to be less valuable; and too much of that can cause problems.

teenager blowing her nos

How do I know if my kid is too sick for school?

It’s often hard to draw a line on when to send your kid back to school after she has been sick and when to keep her home an extra day.