illustration of parents kissing a baby

Please don’t touch my child: Setting boundaries to prevent the spread of illness

Here’s how to ensure well-meaning family and friends respect your children’s personal space to prevent the spread of illness.

grandfather and grandson building a snowman

Dressing for colder weather

Dr. Yael Smiley answers common questions for parents with young children about dressing for colder weather.

teen couple talking

Three things your teen should know about dating violence

Teens and parents/caregivers alike should know they are not alone and that there are several resources to help navigate dating violence.

cannabis chocolate lolipops

Candies or cannabis edibles? Keeping children safe this Halloween

Accidental exposure to cannabis edibles can cause intoxication, nausea/vomiting, anxiety, slurred speech, palpitations and drowsiness in children.

Group of kids with Halloween costumes walking to trick or treating

Halloween safety for you and your kids

As fun as Halloween is for children, it’s equally worrying for parents. Safety risks abound, from falling in the dark to unsafe candy.