phases of the sun during a solar eclipse

Keeping kids’ eyes safe during a solar eclipse

Looking at the sun without adequate protection magnifies its intensity and can lead to vision loss and even blindness.

student reading rejection letter

College rejection? Here’s how to support your teen

College acceptance rates are increasingly competitive, so a rejection doesn’t reflect your child’s worth or capabilities.

grandfather and grandson building a snowman

Dressing for colder weather

Dr. Yael Smiley answers common questions for parents with young children about dressing for colder weather.

family gathering for the holidays

Self-compassion for autistic people and their families during the holiday season

Here are some strategies for autistic people and families to practice self-compassion and find ways to celebrate things as they are.

boy sitting on stairs using phone

What you can do about viral videos of race-based violence that harm teens

Teens spend a lot of time online, which can be harmful for Black youth who are exposed to viral videos of race-based violence on the Internet.