brother and sister having a pillow fight

How to handle sibling rivalry

Regardless of the cause, remember that this is normal behavior and it will pass!

frustrated father with daughter

My stepdaughter won’t listen to me!

Child psychologist Eleanor Mackey helps a reader whose stepdaughter won’t listen to him.

three kids walking on a log

Free-range parenting: Finding the balance between freedom and safety

The latest episode of “The Parent Pep Talk” podcast explores the concept of free-range parenting and giving our kids the freedom to take chances while protecting them from harm.

three kids in sports uniforms smiling

Youth sports: how parents can make or break the experience

Even if your child isn’t super athletic, he or she can still participate in activities like jogging, rock climbing or biking and reap the benefits of regular exercise.

Vial marked with HPV vaccine

Q&A: Why does my child need the HPV vaccine?

The HPV vaccine, also known by the brand name Gardasil 9, helps protect against certain types of HPV that can lead to cancer.