girl preparing barbecue in the garden

Fire safety tips for grilling season

When the weather is nice, we fire up the grill. To help keep your family safe, we’ve compiled some safety tips for grilling season.

little girl having a tantrum in bed

How do I deal with a child who screams constantly?

Early childhood mental health expert Leandra Godoy, PhD, helps a reader cope with a child who screams constantly.

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How to know when your child is ready for camp

Maureen Monaghan, PhD, a psychologist at Children’s National, provides some tips to help figure out if your child is ready for camp.

brother and sister having a pillow fight

How to handle sibling rivalry

Regardless of the cause, remember that this is normal behavior and it will pass!

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My stepdaughter won’t listen to me!

Child psychologist Eleanor Mackey helps a reader whose stepdaughter won’t listen to him.