girl helping out at soup kitchen

Giving back: how to raise kind and charitable kids

Expert Natalie Silverstein, MPH, talks about why it might be easier than you think to incorporate giving into your already busy life.

girl looking at smartphone on bed

Smartphones: How to Set Limits and Bring Peace to Your Home

This episode of “The Parent Pep Talk,” podcast covers the basics of smartphones and kids, from how to introduce your children to a smartphone to what to do if screen time is getting out of control.

Fall Back Daylight Saving Time concept with white clock and autumn leaves

How to adjust your child’s sleep schedule for daylight saving time

Dr. Daniel Lewin shares five foolproof tips to help make the transition easier and safer for everyone in your family.

Teal bucket with non-food treats outside

Food allergies at Halloween: Top tips for parents

Having allergies doesn’t mean having to skip Halloween fun. Allergist Dr. Hemant Sharma shares some tips for managing food allergies at Halloween.

stuffed toy dog lying on the road

How to cope with a child’s lost lovey

Psychologist Eleanor Mackey shares tips on how to teach your child to cope with the loss of a loved stuffed animal.