girl reading negative comments on a laptop

The pandemic and cyberbullying

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, youth are spending a lot more time online. However, spending more time online can also lead to an increased risk of cyberbullying.

father and kids at airport

Summertime safety: traveling during the pandemic

Traveling with young kids can be hard enough on its own but traveling with younger passengers during a pandemic poses even more questions and risks for parents to think about.

young people wearing sweaters with their gender pronouns

The ABCs of LGBTQ terminology

Here’s a quick review of LGBTQ terminology as well as an explanation of pronoun use when referring to gender identity.

Autism Pride symbol

The intersection of autism and LGBTQ+ identities

While we don’t know why LGBTQ+ identities may be more common among people with autism, we do know that support and acceptance are important.

Little girl lying on floor

Stranger danger: What do I do when my kid won’t hug grandma?

What happens when your kid does not want a hug? Here’s how to handle the awkwardness at your next family gathering.