gluten free sign and cupcakes

Celiac families may not need to keep cooking activities separated

Using the same cooking utensils for gluten-free and gluten-containing foods may not pose a high risk of gluten exposure for people with celiac disease.

Teal bucket with non-food treats outside

Food allergies at Halloween: Top tips for parents

Having allergies doesn’t mean having to skip Halloween fun. Allergist Dr. Hemant Sharma shares some tips for managing food allergies at Halloween.

Cheese fruit and nuts on a table

How to manage your child’s food allergies during the holidays

Being knowledgeable and doing research plays a big role in helping educate friends and family about food allergies.

kids eathing lunch at school

Lunch tips for kids with celiac disease

Wheat is tough to avoid in a school cafeteria and if parents aren’t able to pack a gluten-free lunch, what’s a kid to do?

Thoughtful boy drinking milk at home

Q&A: I need help finding healthy soy and milk alternatives.

There are many online resources for parents of children with food allergies.