father and daughter talking to school nurse

Partnering with school nurses to manage your child’s chronic condition

There are many ways you can partner with your child’s school nurse to ensure that your child is healthy and ready to learn.

Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving meals for diabetic children

Children with diabetes have enough trouble managing their sugar intake, and with Thanksgiving favorites like stuffing and mashed potatoes, the hidden sugars in carbohydrates are easy to overlook.

boy testing his blood sugar levels

Q&A: How do I help my teen manage his Type 1 diabetes?

Dr. Fran Cogen answers a reader’s question about encouraging her teen to manage his blood sugar levels.

Traditional Holiday Stuffed Turkey Dinner

Managing your child’s diabetes during the holidays

Five tips for helping your child enjoy the holidays when he or she has diabetes.

Boy looking at apple and cookies on table.

After-school snacks for kids with diabetes

Dietician Erika Davies discusses healthy after-school snacks and appropriate portion sizes for kids with diabetes.