groceries in front of a door

Grocery shopping during the pandemic

Dr. Bernhard Wiedermann answers your questions about grocery shopping during the pandemic.

family sleeping in bed together

Because of the pandemic my child wants to co-sleep. What should I do?

Co-sleeping is not inherently wrong and does necessary cause problems as long as the child is healthy and over 18 months of age.

boy asleep in car seat

Leaving a young child alone in a car during coronavirus pandemic

While leaving your child in the car alone might seem like an option during these challenging times, it is not worth the risk.

mom reading to kids

Parents: Here’s how to manage your family’s extra time at home

Many schools are closed or providing virtual instruction only due to COVID-19. This is likely resulting in unexpected time at home for you and your family.

cleaning products on kitchen counter

Gluten-free cleaning products

When buying gluten-free cleaning products, be on the lookout for tocopherols and other ingredients derived from wheat, oats and barley.