family sleeping in bed together

Because of the pandemic my child wants to co-sleep. What should I do?

Co-sleeping is not inherently wrong and does necessary cause problems as long as the child is healthy and over 18 months of age.

woman drinkig tea on sofa

Parents: Take care of yourselves!

Self-care – whether it’s baking, taking a bath, going for a bike ride or reading a book – can help you recharge your batteries and get back that much needed parenting energy.

family meditating

Use mindfulness to alleviate stress during COVID-19

Mindfulness means slowing down and taking time to focus on the present. It sounds simple, but when you’re stressed out and anxious about the future, it can be very challenging.

Mother and daughter using a smartphone

Supporting your teen during COVID-19

Teenagers can teach us a lot about adaptability, innovation and resilience, and teens can thrive in this new time.

mother comforting crying teenage daughter

Helping kids deal with disappointment

There are some good approaches to take, and some to avoid, that can help us emerge from this with more skills to deal with life’s disappointments as they come.