mother talking to daughter while walking

How to talk to your kids about death

When you talk to your kids about death, speak in simple, concrete terms, avoid euphemisms and don’t be afraid to show your emotions.

kid standing on scale

Failure to thrive: My child is not gaining weight!

There are many factors that can cause failure to thrive (FTT) or malnutrition, such as illness or environmental, socioeconomic and behavioral factors.

father comforting son who fell off bike

Simple fall prevention tips for children of all ages

Falls happen all the time, but you can reduce their occurrence by following these fall prevention tips!

father comforting anxious boy

Stress and anxiety warning signs

As a parent, you can pay attention to anxiety in your child by looking for some of these warning signs.

kids in Halloween costumes

Halloween safety during COVID-19

We asked Dr. Sarah Schaffer DeRoo to answer a few questions about celebrating Halloween during the COVID-19 pandemic.