illustration of auto-injectors

How to use an epinephrine auto-injector

Because there are several different kinds of epinephrine auto-injectors, it’s important to become familiar with how to use each type.

illustration of brain with DNA and puzzle pieces

Genetic testing and autism

Genetic testing cannot diagnose someone with autism, but it could help a family understand how or why someone has autism.

Lonely sad boy at home

Anxiety and depression related to epilepsy in children

Reports show that rates of anxiety, depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are significantly higher in epilepsy populations when compared to general populations.

drawing of bilingual kids saying hello

Is it okay to raise a child with autism to be bilingual?

In recent years, research has shown benefits — such as better executive functioning — of raising a child with autism in a bilingual home.

children in Halloween costumes

Halloween tips for children with autism

For children with autism spectrum disorders the sights and sounds that accompany Halloween can be a lot to handle.